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Seven Berth Motorhomes

What does ‘berth’ mean?
The number of berths is the number of sleeping positions the motorhome is able to offer. So a 7 berth motorhome will have beds or bunks to allow 7 people to sleep in comfort.

Motorhome hire for seven people.

Motorhomes UK has a wide range of 7 berth motorhomes available to hire. Ford and Renault based motorhomes are very popular in this size and can offer a lot of home comforts, such as air conditioning, TVs, fridges, shower and a kitchen area.

Want to see what vehicles Motorhomes UK can offer? Seven berth motorhomes available.

Seven berth motorhomes are very spacious and comfortable, a fantastic living space when in day mode and generous sized beds when transformed to night mode. Some motorhomes may weigh over 3500kg, so please check your driving license to see if you can drive it (or call us on 01943 608822).

Seven berth motorhome layout exampleAn example of a seven berth motorhome layout – The McLouis Tandy 642.

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