Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happens if I breakdown?
A. All our motorhomes are covered on a group policy. This covers the UK and EU countries so you can book your motorhome holiday with the peace of mind, knowing that in the rare event of a breakdown it will be sorted quickly and efficiently.

Q. How does the electricity work in the vehicle?

A. The vehicle can either be run off a 240V supply or the auxiliary battery. Most campsites have electricity which is supplied to the vehicle through a lead which is attached from the campsite electricity point to the socket on the exterior of the motorhome. Using this supply you can use any electrical appliance just like you would at home. If this facility is not available the vehicle will run off its ‘leisure battery’, this battery is charged as the engine runs. Unfortunately it is not an inexhaustible supply and if you leave lights, TV’s on etc the battery will run flat. To avoid this please monitor the battery control panel (the owner will show you where this is). You can also top up the battery by running the engine for a short time everyday and limiting your use by turning off lights and any other electrical appliances when not needed. You can supplement the motorhomes lights by purchasing battery powered lanterns from any camping shops – these cost about £3.00 each and are well worth it! Please be aware that camping over night in a non-designated camping area (sometimes called ‘wild-camping) is illegal in England and Wales.

Q. Can I run a hairdryer or lap top off the battery.

A. Unfortunately not, you would need an external 240V electricity supply. You can charge a mobile phone if you have a 12V charger.

Q. How does the chemical toilet work?

A. The toilet has an electric flush system that flushes into a ‘cassette’ box below the toilet. It only has limited usage and will need emptying and refreshing with chemicals when it is full. Please dispose of the waste responsibly down an allocated ‘Elsan Point’ found on all campsites.The toilet must be EMPTY and clean when the vehicle is returned.

Q. How much fresh water does the tank hold?

A. Depending on the size of the vehicle, anything between 90L and 150L. Used wisely you can wash, shower and wash the dishes without filling up regularly, however, please refresh the tank when it does show low on the LED display as if the tank is empty and the pump is run you risk the pump burning out! It is perfectly safe to use this as drinking water, however, it is advisable to take a few bottles of mineral water as a stand-by.

Q. How does the hot water work?

A. There is a small boiler which heats the water from the fresh water tank using gas. It usually takes about 10 minutes to heat. Please be very careful when using the shower as the water will be extremely hot.

Q. Where does the shower water go?

A. All grey water from the shower and sink drains into a large holding tank, this should be emptied regularly. Please do not drain rice or pasta down the sink into this tank as the tank will become blocked and this can lead to a very unpleasant smell.

Q. Are motorhomes difficult to drive?

A. No, they are as easy to drive as a car. However, the ‘over-hang’ at the front and rear can be quite deceiving and it is always recommended to ask your passenger to see you back when reversing or driving out of a tight spot. The most common accidents that occur whilst vehicles are on hire are to the rear bumper. It is better to take your time than risk damaging the motorhome, a rear bumper can cost anything in excess of £600.00! Please also take care of the height of the vehicle, make sure you are aware of the height of the vehicle and the height of any bridges you may drive under. Driving into a low bridge/canopy is definitely going to spoil your holiday!

Q. Can I have two drivers on the vehicle insurance?

A. Yes, all our quotes include insurance for one driver, however, if you would like to add a second driver please tell us at the time of booking. This will be subject to an extra insurance premium. Please be advised the second driver must remain on the insurance for the duration of the hire.

Q. Will the motorhome stand up to my boisterous kids?

A. Motorhomes are built for lightness, the appliances and cupboards are not built like you would have at home so they are far more vulnerable to boisterous children. Please be really careful when opening the lockers (things do move whilst you are in transit) as objects can fall and damage worktops etc, or, more importantly, heads!

Q. I have never been in a motorhome before will I be shown how to use everything?

A. Yes, the owner will spend as much time as you need so you understand how everything works. Please feel free to ask any questions you maybe unsure of – it will save you time and stress during your hire if you understand everything before you set off.

Q. Can I go abroad in the motorhome?

A. Most of our vehicles are available for travel abroad, however, there is an extra insurance cost for the vehicle. With European insurance you are entitled to travel in the European community, Iceland, Hungary, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland.

Q. How much is an average campsite in the UK?

A. The cost can vary considerably, anything from £6 for a basic pitch without electricity or facilities, through to £25-£30 for a fully serviced pitch with on site leisure facilities, swimming pool, clubhouse etc.

Q. Can I return the vehicle after 11.00am on my last day of hire?

A. We can sometimes arrange a late drop-off time at the time of booking for a small charge to cover the extra insurance. If you are going to be late due to unforeseen circumstances you must call the owner and MotorhomesUK in order to extend the insurance, this will incur an extra insurance charge.

Q. Will I have to clean the motorhome before I return it?

A. It is expected that the motorhome is returned in the same condition as it was originally picked up in. There will be cleaning products provided. We do charge a valet fee if the motorhome is brought back excessively muddy or dirty, inside or out.

Q. Does the insurance cover me personally?

A. No, the insurance is for the purpose of insuring the driver to drive the vehicle. The vehicle is comprehensively insured with a £1250.00 excess payable by the hirer in the event of any damage. Any damage under this value to the interior or exterior is charged in all cases to the hirer. As with all holidays we recommend to buy personal travel insurance to cover you in the event of cancellation, illness etc. Please check out our terms and conditions, the link can be found on our home page.

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